Wednesday, August 5, 2020

A Rude Awakening

Don't anyone ever bad mouth the USPS again. Yesterday morning, under a tornado warning, with a waterspout spotted in the bay and headed right towards us, with Isasia's rain coming down in buckets and its wind howling like a crazed beast, our post guy came all the way down our long driveway and left a giant box of cat food at our door. We heard the thud as we were scurrying to take cover and thought "what fresh hell is this" only to have a good laugh that someone risked their life for a case of Friskies chicken and tuna.

Our alerts woke us up before dawn so we gathered up what was important (like my knitting) and headed down to our safe space in the downstairs hall. We lost power several times but it always came back on which is a very good thing.  I'd probably die right now without the AC. We went a week without power after Isabel and it was not fun.

The word of the day was MUD. Our neighbors new remodel job has left their yard a field of bare ground which washed down our driveway in the deluge and made it's way down my sidewalk right to my front door. What a mess. The Mister was not happy.

It was a three Croc day. Every where we went there was mud and I always seemed to be stepping in it. Pup got two baths.

The yard is a disaster. We've got huge limbs and branches all over the place but it's not safe enough to go out there yet. Who knows what may still fall. 

The tornado that we were watching head towards us came ashore down the road in Dad's old neighborhood. We saw on the news several house were damaged. We only lost our poke berry plants. The side yard is full of them all laying over like this one. You can see the circular rotation of the wind when you follow the direction of the broken plants. We were very lucky.

All the outdoor kitties are accounted for. We couldn't get them in. They will never come in. I'm sure they are thinking the same thing we are today...."we've seen worse". We sure have. It's always something around here. Ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes....we've seen'em all.

We took a ride down to the water to see how it fared. The bay was  brown. It must have been really churning at some point but it looked nice and calm now. Yesterday afternoon was the first nice day we've had in ages. It felt weird to be outside.

The town was flooded, of course. It always floods when they say we are going to flood. We've seen worse flooding too. I've seem the Bay send waves over the top of those buildings. It can really do some damage when it wants to. Happily, yesterday it didn't really want to. 

The day wasn't a total loss. I did finish the socks I had on the needles while we were hiding in the basement. Now I need to find the energy to cast on their mates. It may take a while.


  1. It must have been a terrifying morning. I'm so glad it wasn't worse. None of the limbs falling on your house. Just mud and tree branches to clean up. It could have been worse. That has become my mantra these days.
    I like the cat photo. It looks like it's just moseying down the walkway like, "Hey, what's up? Why's everyone acting like something is a big deal here?" Ha!
    Seriously, I'm really glad you, The Mister and Pup are okay.

  2. Glad you are ok and had no real damaage!! Great socks.

  3. Aren’t you glad you took the trees down on your own terms last year. I love the socks!

  4. Glad it wasn't worse than it was.

    Mr. Kitty looks like he can handle whatever comes his way.

  5. Weather can sure cast a wallop! So glad you fared well, considering! Kitties, too.
    The yard stuff is a pain but nothing falling on the house is a great thing!

  6. Glad you and your home are OK, but that mud problem sounds just awful! Crocs do serve a purpose!
    At this point in my life, I don't think I could live near the coast. I'm too old to adjust.

  7. Oh Deb! I am so sorry you had this pain in the neck weather and that it was serious for some! I'm so glad the cats are fine!!

  8. Glad you are okay and the damage was not worse:)

  9. What a mess, but I am glad there was no huge damage and that you all are safe.