Saturday, August 22, 2020

Eek...a Double Steek


I was nearing the top of the Lofoten yoke and discovered there was a surprise waiting. 

A double steek. There is one hole at the bottom and I just had to put in another one at the top. This supposedly is going to shape the neck but the whole idea is starting to scare me. There is a lot of fancy stuff going on around the neck. Things I have never done before. This should be interesting. 

In other knitting news the latest Pimpeliesse is this big now. This is a two ply handspun that's pretty much all the same color. It's not much fun to knit but I think I am going to like it. 


  1. You can do it! That is probably why I only knit socks:)

  2. That looks plain scary to me. I'm so afraid of steeking.
    My Pimpeliesse isn't growing very fast. I haven't knit a stitch in two days. Too much happening. Hopefully that will change tomorrow.

  3. how big did your pimpeliesse block out to in size? I have some mostly the same color yarn that I decided wouldn't work for this but yours looks good even if more boring than the colored yarn! Just go slowly on the 'tricky' parts and you will do the sweater just fine!

  4. Someday we will meet and I will bow down and kiss your ring!

  5. I still haven't steeked. I do want to learn how, but I'm thinking it should wait until retirement, when I can handle the stress!

  6. I have faith in you - you can do that double steek! I've never had the nerve to try one but I have loads of faith you can do it.

  7. I can't picture what those steeks will do. Looking forward to seeing.

    I haven't steeked ........I'm a big ol' scaredy cat when it comes to my knitting and scissors.