Saturday, August 15, 2020

Chore Day


Yesterday was chore day. We had a pile of trash that needed to go to the dump so off we went. We haven't been there since lockdown since we have trash pickup but this time of year it's better to get rid of the trash asap before vermin and critters make a mess of it. On the way home we stopped at the koi park. The waterlilies are all in bloom and they were lovely. We didn't stay long because the little park was full of maskless folks. We added 12 cases in our little area this week. That's not good.

The next chore was the grass. I man the riding mower while The Mister pushes the little mower around the trees. I had to cover up from head to toe in bug gear and I almost gave myself a heat stroke. I felt terrible for the rest of the day.

The weather has been so terrible that I haven't really been outside much at all so I was shocked at the mess. Everything is overgrown. There were also more trees down from Isaias that we thought. The path is blocked in both directions. 

My poor container garden is a disaster. 

We've got a couple of little tomatoes but that's about it. It wasn't exactly a success but then again who knew we would be having record breaking heat and humidity all summer long. It's been awful. I don't ever remember such a terrible summer.

There is one thing that is having a good year. This stuff. I have no idea what it is. It just popped up out of nowhere and now we have a big patch of it in the side yard. Anyone have any idea what it is?


  1. I'm so sorry that this summer has been so miserable for you. We've had a beautiful week, but starting tomorrow we're supposed to be having over 100F for four days and then 90's for a week or so at least. I'm not excited about it at all because it's supposed to be 103 the day we're supposed to move the trailer. It's not like moving a regular camping trailer because it's been semi-permanently set up and is a LOT of work to tear down and re-set it up in the new park. But since we're planning to be there close to 2 years I guess it will be worth it. I just wish it wasn't on the hottest day of the year.
    Take care and stay COOL! No heat stroke.

  2. The Koi Pond looks so pretty! Gosh! Sorry you had yet more trees come down.

  3. How well I remember looking forward to summer all year and then have a scorcher like this and it keeps you indoors-grrrr! You are making a good job of the chores, though!

  4. I certainly don't blame you for staying out of the garden and yard in record-breaking heat. I am a total heat wimp. Give me a good cold Wisconsin winter any day!

  5. Try looking up perilla plant.
    I think that is it.
    Won't be long and you will be treeless. Sorry you lose some every storm.

  6. You really do need to be careful outside this summer. It's just awful. On August 8th, we broke the record for wettest August on record - and it's rained almost every day since! Ugh! Drink some water!

  7. I was just outside weeding after a brief rainstorm, it is so hot and humid out. Stay safe.

  8. I just spent the day painting some Koi on a flower pot, so I love that pond!

  9. Keep cool and stay least you got a tomato! :)