Sunday, August 2, 2020


I've been shaking up this bottle of nettle fused olive oil for over 6 weeks so it was time to turn it into soap. I kept it on the kitchen window so I wouldn't forget about it.

I strained it and let it sit over night and strained it again in the morning.

It made a rich, olive colored batter.

I had too much fun with the pour. I used a big bowl and made a big mess.

I didn't include very many hard oils so it didn't set up very quickly. I couldn't do much with the top except throw some of the leftover batter on it. It's another vegan soap. I only added a bit of coconut milk.

I used clay and charcoal to give it color and added a few drops of essential oils. I was looking for a medicinal scent. This summer I'm all about no nonsense soap that makes you feel like you got all the Covid cooties off.  

It took 2 days of sitting in the mold before I could get it out. It's oddly soft. I did use twice the amount of olive oil and no hard butters so I should have expected it. It looks lovely and it smells just like I hoped it would. Now I just have to wait 6 weeks to see if it's a keeper. 


  1. Oh Debbie, I think it's a beautiful batch of soap. The swirls are just so pretty.

  2. That should take care of those Covid Cooties!!! It is beautiful.

    Isn't it funny how a medicinal scent makes you think you are cleaner??? LOL

  3. I love the way you described this soap-making adventure! The soap looks absolutely yummy in the bowl! A medicinal aroma sounds perfect for summertime!

  4. That is very pretty soap. I think this is the summer to take a common-sense approach to everything.
    Oh -- I ran out of Altoid tins, so I ordered some blank ones on Etsy!

  5. What a fun experiment and the soap looks rather elegant. Love the colors and swirls.

  6. That looks great, I bet it will be wonderful soap!

  7. Even if it stays a soft soap-you are going to love using it! Great job on infusing your own oil!!!!