Saturday, March 30, 2019

Wash Day

 This is Trinidad.

She's a 3 pound fleece that I picked up last year at the MDSW.

I love it when Shepard's put these personal notes in the bag with the fleece. Who can resist a fleece with a face?

 I always wash in March for the Tour de Fleece and since it's almost not March I needed to play catch up.

 SInce Trini is a very clean girl she went into the kitchen sink. I know it sounds yucky but I nuclear bomb the sink with cleaners as soon as I am finished.  I actually don't really think it's any worse than putting a dead chicken in it anyway.

 While that fleece was soaking I got out the bag of fiber I washed last spring and gave it a carding with the carder.

I had spun up a sample during the last TdF and found her to not be on the terribly soft side so I am going to try to spin her for socks this July. There is nothing better than a thick pair of handspun socks over top of your regular wool socks when the polar vortex has come calling.

 I got two batts done before it was time to do some wood chores.

The washed fleece dried nicely in the bright March sun. March is the best month for washing. I wish I had remembered that sooner.


  1. Well, it's not like you laid around and did nothing this month!!! The new fleece looks wonderfully tempting to spin right now! I've heard that California Red is a great spin--nice work!

  2. Love the personal sheep bio in with the fleece. Perhaps, thanks to your generosity, I'll be washing next March. Thank you again for the wonderful gift!

  3. March has really been one of those "Swish! it's gone!" months for me. An upcoming family trip is fast approaching and the things I HAD plenty of time for are now going to be squashed into a few weeks time. Oh, well!

  4. Those two batts look so fluffy and soft!

  5. There's no shame in washing your fleece in the kitchen sink...LOL...I do it all the time! ;-)

  6. It is so interesting to see what project/craft you are working on each day. You are so multi-talented and I am in awe of all that you do.

  7. I love your posts, so full of fun with all you get done. I love the colors in that yarn you have spun.

  8. I always know it's spring when you start washing fleece!