Sunday, March 3, 2019

All Soaped Out

I've finally worked my way through the box of spring and summer fragrance samples. The box on the right are the scents I used. The ones on the left were the ones that couldn't be used for soap. I was disappointed there were so many.

Some of my favorites were in the no no category. That means if I tried to use them they would curdle the batter and ruin the batch. There are lots of naughty fragrances that do this but I did my homework this time to keep from finding out the hard way. That's never fun.

 Having said all that I did manage to make plenty of soap. 15 batches in all. Yikes. That's a lot of soap. 135 bars to be exact. This is Lime. It smells like lime. No surprise there.

 Apricot Freesia is a sweet blend of fruity and floral.

 Jasmine Dreams is a very soft, barely there floral.

Sweet Honeysuckle is Daughter's favorite. It's not from the sampler kit but from my oldie but goodie fragrance bin. The Honeysuckle in the kit was not for soap use. Go figure. I made her some bath fizzies with it because it is a very nice Honeysuckle.

Lily of the Valley was my favorite scent when I was a teen. Remember Muget du Bois? I used to drench myself in it.

 Finally......this is Energy. It's Brambleberry's most popular scent and it doesn't disappoint. It's a spa scent. Sort of citrus. Sort of herbal. It's very clean and crisp. I like it.

The soap room is getting a good cleaning and everything is getting put away for at least the next 6 weeks. I can't get another batch on the drying racks if I wanted to. Even though it's all over for now I'm still getting ready for the next batches. I've got new colors to try....

.....and new fall fragrances to look forward to. I've got four samples that smell so amazing that it's going to be hard to wait until mid summer to make them. Maybe I won't.

Pssst.....look for the Spring giveaway on the last Sunday of the month. I'm going to need to re-home a lot of soap.

Now I've got the spring cards to make.  See those sweet little bunnies on the left? Their time has finally come. Squeeeeee...........


  1. That soap is absolutely gorgeous. I want to just come sit in your soap room and smell the air. You are amazing. Blessings, Betsy

  2. You are amazing! These soap bars are beautiful!

  3. Oh even if the weather here is brutal, I know Spring will come if your bunnies are coming out!

  4. As usual, I get lost in the scents and swirls of your soap post! Lily of the Valley has always been my favorite fragrance since I was a teen!

  5. Wow! I can practically feel the energy coming off the Energy bars! And lily of the valley... I don't remember the perfume yo mentioned, but I do remember drenching myself in lily of the valley scented everything as a teen. Lilies of the valley are my birth month flower and Mom had what seemed like acres of them growing in our yard.
    What do you do with all that soap? Do you sell it? I've looked but couldn't find any indication of you selling it. I'd love to purchase some.

    1. I don't sell it but I do give it away. Several times a year I have a giveaway to clear my shelves so I can make more. Look for the next one on the last Sunday of the month.

  6. I bet it smells delicious at your house. Beautiful soap my friend.

  7. They are so beautiful! Your are the real master. Liana

  8. Each variety of the soap is just beautiful and they just scream spring. You must be like a mad scientist when you have your soap days. How interesting that some fragrances will curdle the batter. I love the tidbits that I learn from your experiences.

  9. Pretty soaps! You have been busy! :)

  10. Your post really made me smile ...........all those pretty soaps and just the thought of all those spring fragrances. Muguet du Bois, I do remember it .....I am pretty sure I had it too. But, Love's Baby Scent or anything lemony was my favorite.