Saturday, February 9, 2019

Spring and Summer

 My big box of soap supplies showed up yesterday.

 I've been itching to make soap.

I've got all those beautiful spring and summer fragrances to try out.

 I was going to start right away but forgot I had no frozen distilled water. With all the milks I use I have to keep the lye cold so iced distilled water is a must. I still had other things to do to get ready anyway. Like make white. White soap colorant is a real pain. It gets lumpy. It's messy. I make a big container of it at one time so I don't have to keep fiddling with it.

 I also measured out lot of little containers of lye that I weighed out for the recipe I'm using this time around. I hate playing with the lye so I get as much done as I can at one time so I just have to pick it up and go when I feel like soaping.

 The first two batches will be these. I bought them for the baby shower and never used them as they didn't smell very boyish. I like them though. They will be perfect for spring.

 Since I couldn't make soap I made some more fizzies in my favorite fig scent.

I also got the last soap I made cleaned up and ready to wrap. It's Black Magic and Oud Wood and I have to say it's......different. I emptied all the oil and butter leftovers into the batter so it's very rich. It doesn't lather well but it's very creamy and leaves your skin feeling so silky. I'm going to put it away until fall since it really is more fallish in scent and color. It should be even better by then.


  1. The little fizzies with the flower are so cute.

    I don't know how you have all the patience for soap making. You are amazing! I'd probably blow up the kitchen with all those chemicals. LOL

  2. Do you ever just sit and rest? After my PT this morning I felt so icky that I just sat and crocheted the rest of the day. Not sure what it was but hoping it’s gone when I wake up.

  3. Your soaps are amazing! And the fig - gosh, it smells SO good!

  4. You have done a lot of prep work. I have never made soap and it is interesting to read your posts about making soap. Things like keeping the lye cool when using milk and it being more of a challenge to make white soap colorant. I can imagine what a disaster I would have if I even attempted such a project.

  5. What a great package of potential!!! I am out of my goat's milk soap--I need to get myself psyched up to get to work!

  6. Fun! My Mom made lye soap years and years ago. We used it for stubborn stains. It was a very hard soap.

  7. I love your soap-making posts and hearing about the different scents and textures!

  8. You sure are the busy one! Our snow prevented mail delivery for several days.....