Monday, February 4, 2019


I almost forgot about Valentine's Day. 

 I was putting the kitchen linen in the wash when I remembered that I had bought some Valentine towels right after Christmas. I bought kitty towels....

...and doggie towels. 

 I was changing all the January blues into Valentine pink and reds when I remembered I had never made the pink sparkly scrubbies I had bought the yarn for ages ago. They were a very fast knit. I made two in no time. They were a big help cleaning up the Super Bowl mess in the kitchen. I love them.

 I also never made the pink cotton dishcloths I had planned to make last month. I like to keep my kitchen hand soap on one by the sink.

 I need to get this one off the needles first. I started this ages ago and forgot all about it. I seem to forget about a lot of things these days.


  1. You'll be in the "pink" in no time with all those projects.

    The kitty towel is simply adorable.

  2. Love the scrubbies. You still have time for the dishcloth.:-)

  3. **Whoosh**
    That was my January! Sick for two weeks and the rest a blur. If not for your blog I fear I wouldn't remember any holidays!
    Here's hoping for a peaceful and productive February :)

  4. Love the kittie towel and yes, you have been very busy!!

  5. Ooh - you reminded me I need to get my Valentine's hanger on the door!
    Love all your hearts and pink things! So cheery for a dreary february! I must find some of that pink sparkly yarn!

  6. It's very enjoyable to get out fresh items in the kitchen-our most used room!

  7. I changed the flag by my front door this morning to a large red heart. I like your wreath!

  8. How did the knitting go for the dish scrubbie? I've wanted to try knitting a few but the 'yarn' feels so awful I can't bring myself to buy it.
    And thanks for the reminder to decorate for Valentine's. I rarely think about it until the day before... and then it's just too much trouble.

    1. It's no fun to knit with but I love the scrubbies so I suffer through it. I have to say the sparkly yarn was easier to knit with than the regular Scrubby.

  9. Love the cat towel and all the cheerful pink and sparkly items. But, really, can it only be 10 days until Valentine's Day!!!

  10. Nice wreath! I changed my flag outside that is it for Valentine's decorations around here!

  11. Oh Valentines Day. Such a sweet day. I love those round dish/wash cloths the best! I dont like knitting them tho

  12. So glad you are back on track for Valentine's day. I knit some heart shaped dish cloths and use them under the soap dish in the bathroom. The wreath is pretty.