Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Road Trip to Nowhere

After being in the house all weekend and since it was too windy to work outside we thought we'd take a trip to the courthouse to get The Mister's driver's license renewed. He had gotten this scary document in the mail a few weeks ago and had a heads up from Facebook friends saying that the process isn't what it used to be thanks to new federal regulations.
It isn't.

 If I tagged along I was promised a trip to Joann's and lunch. It's a good thing I dressed comfy because I spent the entire day in the car waiting.  I took two naps.

 This was my lunch. That's not too terrible because I had been very naughty watching the Oscars the night before. Let's just say it involved a box of Whitman's dark chocolates and a bag of chips.

Pup was also along for the ride. We took several walks. The whole process took four hours. FOUR. He was one of the lucky ones. Many who waited that long were turned away because their documentation wasn't satisfactory and tempers were flaring inside the little office. I went home and ordered a certified birth certificate for when it's my turn because mine doesn't have a seal on it. It cost me $40. Argh. Even though my license does not expire until 2023 the people at the DMV said everyone's has to be replaced with the new "secure" ID before the end of 2020. Argh. I'm not looking forward to it.

 Since it was dinner time when he finally got out of the place we headed straight home. It wasn't a total loss of a day. I do love car knitting and thanks to Daddio I'm an expert at killing time when waiting in impossible situations.

Anytime I can knit in bright sunlight is a plus. I have a new found respect for this yarn that looks so drab at home. It really is pretty when you can see all the colors.


  1. I went through all of that 'documentation' when I renewed mine recently! I had to have a new birth certificate, too; so much fun...
    I am glad you had a good attitude for the wait.
    If I have my knitting, it's all good!

  2. I am not looking forward to this! I'd better start pulling stuff together - this is as bad as taxes!!!

  3. I had to do all this in Florida and then again in Pennsylvania where I've been denied a REAL ID because of my birth certificate. I purchased the one they told me to buy and I STILL don't qualify. Since I don't intend to fly anywhere or go to a federal building requiring REAL ID, I'm not bothering with it. I'll just have a regular old driver's license.

    P.S. You don't have to get a REAL ID to have a PA Driver's License AND they are rocking you an extra $30 to get REAL ID.

  4. I'm going to pull everything out and double-check my documentation. Can't remember if I ordered a new birth certificate or not but I do remember a wait while they decided if the seal on my birth certificate was the right kind of seal. Sheesh!

  5. Glad you had your knitting. The DMV is always an adventure. Love that sock - pattern & yarn!

  6. Well, Yah for your husband getting his "real" ID. When I moved to NC last summer, I knew I would have to go thru that process. The experiences I was hearing about were about what you guys experienced yesterday. However, I was able to find a licensing office that made appointments though only a couple each day. I had the time to wait and actually got in rather quickly because when I called they had just had a cancellation. I verified all the information that I would need to present and ended up having a very pleasant experience. I did call the day before to confirm and verify requirements again. I was out in about 40 minutes. When I got there for my appointment, there was only one available seat. When I left, people were also waiting outside. And, yes, I was called before people who had been there before I arrived. Might be worth checking to see if any of the licensing offices in your area schedule appointments. Love the sock!

  7. Personally I think it’s all ridiculous but what do I know? I’m glad you made the best of it and got some knitting done. That yarn really is beautiful.

  8. I have that lovely task ahead of me before summer. I've found all the documents I need, so I should be set. The lines were long and tempers short in my former community. I hope Laramie is much better.

  9. We were lucky when my husbands license was due to be renewed, I took all kinds of ID stuff but they didn't like the Car Insurance statement because I had paid the bill and the bottom portion was not there...duh I mailed it to the Ins Company. So we went back a few days later with all the right stuff...someday he will get his license in the mail they said it could take up to 4 months. Really this day and age??

  10. It ALMOST sounds like you had a fun day. Not your guy though. What a pain! !LOve car knitting. and your sock is sensational!

  11. It sounds like a nightmare for your husband, but for you well you had to knit all day, good times.