Saturday, February 16, 2019

Frozen 2

 Do you want to know how batty I am? I was in tears watching the just released trailer for Frozen 2. I am not even sure why. I liked the original but tears? Who knows? I was in a mood I suppose. After I pulled myself together I remembered my icy blue warp. I hadn't worked on it in ages.

 It was supposed to be my January towel but bedroom remodeling got in the way.

It's now on the loom. It wasn't easy. It took me a while to remember what went where. I think I've got it right. Time will tell.

Now on to my favorite part of the whole process. I love threading all the little heddles.


  1. Pretty colors.

    That looks very involved and painstaking.

  2. We all have moods don’t we? I love those colors and admire your patience.

  3. I'm intrigued by weaving but wouldn't have the patience to even prepare the loom.

  4. There's really something to be said for movies that touch us our hearts! Oddly enough, I had a family movie night with my daughter, her kiddos and their other grandmother last night. We watched the original "Mary Poppins" and my daughter provided a dinner of lovely tea sandwiches and "practically perfect pink lemonade"! Dessert was cake pops secured by a little icing on a spoon ("a spoonful of sugar"} and Bert's chimney sweep brooms (a marshmallow dipped in chocolate on a stick). I was fourteen when the movie came out and sat with tears in my eyes at the grandchildren's delight!

  5. I'm dying to learn to weave on something larger than a kid's potholder loom but that looks so intimidating and complicated. I'm sure it will create a beautiful fabric when you are done though.

  6. Step by step-it all comes together, right?!
    Very pretty!

  7. I am seriously so excited about Frozen 2. Have you seen Moana? It is wonderful!

  8. It is so interesting to see some of the weaving process. I would have one hot mess trying to get the loom set up. The towels will be beautiful with those colors.

  9. I'll admit it: I haven't seen Frozen. I'm waiting for the right little person to watch it with.
    I still haven't tried out my table-top loom. I do want to learn how to weave, but there's never enough time!