Sunday, February 3, 2019


That groundhog may have predicted an early spring but it's still cold here.

 It was 16 degrees when we got up. By noon it was a balmy 34 so we decided to venture out. That's the fish pond at the beach. The koi are hibernating but some of their little orange buddies can be seen swimming around right under the ice. Brrr.....

 Speaking of brrr......that's the Bay.

I've never seen the ice look like this before. It was like a giant cocktail when the ice clinked together with the tide.

 The feathered population was nowhere to be first.

 You had to look way out with the zoom to find the seagulls sitting on the ice.

Same thing with the ducks. They were out in the free water having a good old time.

 The Mister spotted this kitty down on the rocks over the water. One slip and it would have been goodbye kitty.

 I was very happy when it decided to come back up and check us out. It was friendly and obviously well cared for so we went on our way.

It was good to get out for a while but it was even better to be home. Brrrrr......the wind off that water was cold.


  1. I have never seen water/ice look like that. It was 42 here today but very cold with the wind blowing. I was very glad to get inside.

  2. It was very cold here, than one week of above freezing and next week it will be cold again. I am looking forward for March or maybe even April. Hate winter, even more than summer hot.

  3. That is a lot of snow and ice for Maryland! I loved your line about the ice in the water and cocktails!
    We have so much snow on the ground that one warm day seemed to make no difference at all.

  4. Beautiful photos. I don't understand how the ducks can STAND to be in that cold, cold water. Don't their feet hurt???

    We know all about frozen pipes this week. Steve has had to go out with a blow dryer TWICE in the wee hours and melt the ice in our condensate pipe. FUN TIMES! LOL

  5. It's hovering around freezing here, but the wind is up and it's bitter. We're staying in where it's nice and warm (though I do have to venture out and fill up the bird feeder so the boys have some entertainment.)

  6. Great photos! I don't know know the ducks & fish stand that cold water. Growing up, we had a fish pond in the backyard which would freeze solid some years. The fish would just hang out, frozen too, then magically thaw out and be fine once it warmed up. To this day, I still don't understand how that's possible.

  7. I enjoyed your photos of your area in the winter. Thankfully, the bitter cold temperatures slid by my area, but winter has a tight grasp.

  8. Those are some wonderful photos! And it looks very cold. I have never seen chunks of ice like that. Really neat to look at. Glad the cat had a home. I would have wanted to take it home with me.

  9. it's supposed to get colder and snow here tonight, but nothing as cold as what you have! Stay warm!

  10. I LOVE that cat!!! Its damp, foggy and dismal looking out today in Wisconsin. I filled the bird feeder and came right back inside. Hoping the barn work wont be too cold tomorrow!!!

  11. All the seasons of the bay are beautiful, aren't they? Though some are seasons call you to linger longer! Beautiful pictures; thanks for sharing your outing!