Tuesday, December 18, 2018

New Stuff

 I've got to stop watching You Tube videos in the middle of the night. It always ends up with me buying stuff-like these stamps. Cute, huh?

 They work with this die. It cuts holes in the paper so the little stamps can show through. I forgot to order the dies for the stamps though. They are on the way.

 I also bought another swatching stamp set. I am still not over my watercolor craze. It's just on hold until I clear out the holiday junk. I've got no room to play at the moment.

I've even got a new set of watercolors to play with after the new year.

They are from Russia. I saw someone review them and of course had to have them. I've got another set on the way too. From Russia. I am not sure why I needed two sets of Russian watercolors but there you have it. Midnight madness. I need to start reading at night. My You Tube habit is getting too expensive.


  1. Ooh! The snowmen. I love snowmen. That’s a lot of water colors! I’m kind of that way with yarn though. I have to stay away from websites because I want it all. Blessings, Betsy

  2. Russian watercolours are good. Happy crafting!

  3. Ha! I know all about YouTube crazes or should I say crazies! lol
    The new watercolors are interesting-can't wait to see what you do with them!

  4. That' gives me a good idea. Fireman doesnt think he can paint watercolor but I think he can! Do you think one can learn

  5. Great new toys! They should help entertain you during the dreary days of January and February.