Saturday, November 10, 2018

Too Good to Be True

 I knew it. Things were going along too smoothly with the latest weaving project so of course a thread had to break. I hate when that happens. It takes all the fun out of a project.

 You have to use this rigged up thing.

 First you have to thread it back through all those metal thingys.

 Then it hangs off the back like a demented cat toy. With a house full of kitties, this is just asking for trouble.

The green bow on the right is my halfway point. The pin is where the break is.  I was so close. I wouldn't be freaking out so much if this wasn't a gift. Now every time I sit down I am going to be afraid of snapping more threads so I'll have to proceed with caution. That's never any fun. Darn.


  1. But, it is going to be SO worth it. The towel is gorgeous!

  2. That happens even with simple looms and it drives me crazy. Still no one will even notice, but it is a pain for you. Love how your sweater is turning out.

  3. The recipients are going to love this towel.

  4. That is beautiful. I can only imagine your frustration. Our cats would also have a blast with that hanging down so temptingly. Ha!

  5. Wow! You have a way to fix everything. Yes, that is a very appealing cat toy. The towels are going to be so beautiful. Love the colors and the design.

  6. Once completed it will be fine-here's hoping you make it without any more breaks!

  7. It looks like something a Minnesota Vikings fan would like - ha! I'm not a football follower but I do know their colors :)