Thursday, November 29, 2018

Still Falling

Two days of non stop wind has stripped the trees of all their golden leaves. I was just starting to enjoy them and now they are gone. I'm sad.

 I've been watching all my bloggy friends trade in fall for winter but I'm not ready even if my Thanksgiving flowers are ready for tossing.

I've still got a few days left in November and some nice fall projects to keep me busy.

I've also got fruitcake to bake. It's been fruitcake weather for a while now but my oven's busy with soap. No, I don't cook it in there. I just keep it warm with the pilot light so it gets nice and hard. I should be done with it all the soap on Sunday so I've been gathering the ingredients. I'm making enough this year to last all winter. A piece of cake and a cup of tea in the afternoon is my idea of a good time on a cold, dark day.

Speaking of good times. The Mister is down with a bad cold and he found this amazing booze to see him through it. Our doctor recommends bourbon for a cold. Seriously, and this is some good stuff. I'm using the port to help ward off any germs. It's my go to winter tonic. Both of us can't be down and out at the same time. We did that with the stomach bug last New Year's and that was NO fun.


  1. I am also planning baking fruitcake next week. Need to buy more fruits.

  2. I asked my son if he would like to make fruitcakes this year...and he said YES!! Would you share your recipe? I've never made one...

    1. It's an easy one. It's Alton Brown's Free Range Fruitcake.

  3. I am still in the Fall mode, too, but taking Will shopping yesterday we had to visit the Christmas trees and he was just enchanted by all the lights and sparkles! It helped put me in mind of all the decorations! Don't get sick!

  4. I don’t think I have ever tasted fruitcake. It sounds like it would be delicious but there are so many jokes out there about it. Ha ha! I’m sorry to hear the Mister is sick and crossing my fingers that you don’t get it too. Lots of germs out there already this year. Blessings, Betsy

  5. My mom had a wonderful fruit cake recipe. I haven't made it in years. Hmm, honey bourbon - I might check it out.

  6. I'm so tempted to try making fruitcake this year! You're always so inspiring with yours.

  7. Your fall quilt is just beautiful! Looking forward to seeing the next stage with all the sashing. I love fruitcake - in spite of all the jokes - though I have never made a fruitcake. I might have to try the recipe. Thanks for all you share!

  8. Bourbon for a cold? My gram always said that!! Do try to stay well. Like you've said, when you both are down at the same time, it is really tough!

  9. My husband would like your doctor!
    The children would like to thank you your lip balm, with the cold weather they are needing it.