Saturday, November 24, 2018

In Slow Motion

This holiday stuff is hard on us old folks. I was wiped out on Friday. No shopping for me. Instead I spent the day in bed watching old movies and giving my poor brain a workout with this ancient project.

 It's an ornament I started ages ago and boy, it's a tough one.

 I was inspired by seeing Dee's latest and thought, why not? I was so fired up I even ordered three more of these Santas thinking I was close to finishing this one.

 I wasn't. I had forgotten about all the bead work that still has to be added. This guy isn't going on the tree this year, that's for sure but it will give me something to work towards-for next year.


  1. Oh, but that I really like him. I think he is one of my favorite ornaments I’ve seen anyone working on so far this year. I’m pulling for you. Maybe you can still get it done in time to go on the tree. Blessings, Betsy

  2. Santa will look great when beaded. Such a nice wool pullover!

  3. Just what you needed-it will be a very pretty ornament when finished.

  4. I don't think it's just the holiday that wiped you out... but that darn baby shower prep too!

  5. The ornament certainly will be beautiful! It does look like it is pretty time intense. Hope you progress quicker than anticipated and have it on your tree this year.

  6. I am always amazed how long these actually take. I worked a long time on the palm tree on Wednesday night and I'm still not done.

    This one sure is cute. What other Santas did you buy?