Saturday, November 3, 2018

Itching to Knit

 The itch that shall not be named is pretty much history except for one elbow. That's where it was the worst and it's healing but not fast enough. It's a scabby mess. I really want to get back to the woolly stuff but I just can't pick it up quite yet.

I'm making myself happy today just thinking about my knits in progress. I've got two sweaters going.

 One vest.

A mitten whose thumb really should have been done by now.

This giant blanket needs just two more skinny border ends to be a done deal.

I could be working on Brickless because it's all cotton but I hate it. That unplied cotton yarn is the devil.

Everyone seems to be working on hats and I have the wool I spun and dyed for the TdF to make one but have no desire to touch that Shetland right now. There's not enough Benedryl in the world.

 I could cast on some socks-but I don't want to. This is not sock weather. It's sweater weather and I want to knit something big.

Then there is the pretty stuff Daughter just gifted me from Vegas. I guess I really don't want to knit just yet but it's making me happy just looking at it. From a distance.


  1. You have some beautiful projects on the go. I love seeing all of them even if you aren’t quite up to actually knitting on them.

  2. That Rising Tide yarn is BEAUTIFUL! You'll be back to knitting real soon I am thinking.

  3. So many great choices! And all are beautiful. So glad you are getting better.

  4. Glad that itch is getting under control. I had hives a few weekends ago and just about itched all my skin off. Still have no idea why I broke out with them, they stayed for DAYS!!!!!! Happy thinking about knitting.

  5. Itching to knit is better than itching. I think you'll be picking up your needles soon. Love all the projects in the works.

  6. What beautiful projects you have in the works! I would have to put all my attention on finishing the blanket because, you know, it is so close. Awesome supplies for upcoming projects also. Glad the poison ivy woes are almost over.

  7. Fondling yarn is almost knitting! You will feel like it soon enough--you have other creative outlets until then! Keep healing!

  8. So much beauty waiting for you when you're ready!