Monday, November 26, 2018

Lazy Weekend

This is a familiar scene. It's exactly what I posted about on Saturday. It's all I've been doing since Friday. I didn't get that soap made but I did get one batch wrapped. I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

 Someone asked me which other Santas I had bought. Here they are.

 There are lots of them. Lots. It was hard to choose. I want them all but that's not happening.

 The Santas are easy to stitch. The critters not so much.

That little sheep is made up of five different colors of gray that were very hard to keep track of.

I make a stitch, I mark it off. I make a stitch, I mark it off. That's how tedious it is to keep track of where I am. I did finally get all the stitching done. Now onto those beads. I'll have to find a video to show me how. I've completely forgotten how to do it.


  1. We had a very similar weekend. One morning out and church today otherwise knitting and Netflix. I really like your Santa’s. It will be fun to see the beads on.

  2. Nice way to mark off your stitching-it will look so pretty on the tree!

  3. I could never do that, you and Dee are amazing to do that tiny cross stitch, give me a big crochet hook or knitting needles any day!

  4. You picked great ones. I mark my stitches off as I do them too. Otherwise, I'd be totally lost.

  5. Love your collection of Santas! Highlighters are great tools for crafting.

  6. You are going to have such a wonderful collection of Santas. Love the one you have almost finished and looking forward to seeing it with the beads added. Great way to spend the weekend and avoid all shopping crowds.

  7. Your cross stitch projects are all so cute! Would you mind sharing where you purchase them?

    1. It's an online site called 123 Stitch.
      They have great sales.

  8. Love those Santas! But I can see what you're saying about the animals - I think my eyes might have crossed just looking at the pattern! I've never tried beading either but I have an angel I began seven years ago (yes, seven!) that I think I'll pull out and finish off.

  9. Oh I LOVE them. I think these things that require our concentration really help our brains. I hope so anyhow

  10. I think that chart would drive me batty!