Sunday, June 3, 2018

Stir Crazy

 That's one of the living room skylights that The Mister cleaned just last week.

 It's been raining all weekend. The indoor kitties could care less.

The outdoor kitties were trying to make the best of it but none of them looked happy.

 In a dry moment, I stuck some impatiens into the pansy pots. They must be liking this weather.

 The hostas aren't complaining either. It looks like they are getting ready to do their thing.

 The Mister wasn't happy and grumbled his way in front of the TV downstairs to watch golf to the sound of two dehumidifiers running. I just fixed a cup of tea, pulled the rocker under a skylight and picked up some knitting.

 Washcloths were the gateway drug for bigger and better things. I am now on the shoulder of the Lofoten. It's colorwork which is good for killing time.

 Tracery got a row too. It's been slow going. All that top shaping while staying in pattern makes my head hurt.

 So does the Snowfling thumb. I know you must think I am crazy for not just getting that thumb done but I hate it so much I can only do one row at a time. Little fiddly knits like thumbs make me crazy.

Hoover had the right idea for a miserable Saturday. He came in, went out, came in, went out and then said the heck with it and took a nap. Me too.


  1. You do BEAUTIFUL colorwork!

  2. All your knitting projects are gorgeous. I have done some colorwork and I love the look but I don't have the patience I guess. We are finally getting some rain too!

  3. I’m sorry your weather is so miserable. I feel bad for the outdoor kitties. They look sad. Your knitting however, looks wonderful! Rain is good for something.

  4. Progress on each of the projects....patience.
    Rain for days can drive us all crazy!!!

  5. You have quite a few challenging -- but gorgeous --patterns going. I still love those mittens. I'm with you on thumbs; they are fiddly and tedious!

  6. Hoover is a smart kitty. Hope you get some clear skies soon.

  7. You have some lovely colourwork on the go x

  8. This weather is so tiresome, non?

    Your projects though are exquisite. I love the mitts and Tracery.

  9. Oh dear. You deserve some wonderful weather!!! I don't like fiddly thumb work either!! Tracery is magnificent each time I see it. You are nothing if not persistent!!!!