Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Busy Work

 When I started my World Cup knitting I thought I would be sitting and knitting the games away.

 Then I looked at the calendar and holy crickets! I have cards to make and soap to wrap. July is right around the corner.

 The cards I wanted to send with the July giveaway are pretty labor intensive. All those backgrounds, grass and moon are hand painted-or should I say hand inked.

All the paper is inked with several colors of Tim Holtz's amazing new oxide inks. They blend beautifully. I love working with them.

 Ta dah....11 games later and I have 24 cards made. That's how many people usually sign up for soap give or take a few.

 As much as I love the inks, I am not loving my new big Tim Holtz stamping platform.

 It works okay with the little stamps but I already had a Mini Misti that did a great job with that.

 I wanted it for those new BIG stamps that everybody is using. My last kit has a real whopper.

 I've done everything I know to do but I still only get a partial print. Grrrrr.......

On a happier note, The Mister needed two birthday cards this month and he made these on Saturday. Cute, huh?


  1. Love all of your cards. They always impress me with the work and patience involved. How cool is it that the Mister makes his own cards. I love that fact.

    And speaking of cards. Your package arrived this afternoon. Thank you so much for all of the goodies, including the card. I have been wanting more Felici yarn and that colorway is perfect. The cotton and button are beautiful too. I’m going to make it to a fiber festival someday. And the tea and soap are perfect for me too. I’m amazed at the workmanship in the card you sent. Perfect for the fourth and very frameable. Thank you so much Debra.

  2. The new cards are sure beautiful! Frustrating about the big stamp-there has to be a way.....

  3. The Mister did a good job on the cards too. You are BOTH very talented.

  4. Card making intrigues me. Your finished cards are gorgeous, and obviously made with love.

  5. You always make the cutest cards! And now the Mister is too!!!! He could give you a run for your money.

  6. Wow you could have your own crafts store -- and i'm not talking about supplies! You and the Mister could open your own card shop. That's not even counting the lovely soaps and towels you produce. Have I planted a seed??

    I am behind in my World Cup knitting too, but it is what it is. Even that giant knitting project does not seem to end!

  7. GOod job MISTER> I love your cards so much.

  8. I love seeing your little card making factory!

  9. Your cards are always beautiful. These are so perfect for summer. Love all the projects you share on your blog. I assume you do not sleep because you accomplish so much. Thank you for sharing your projects with your readers.