Sunday, June 17, 2018


Blop. That's what Daddio used to call my blog. I'd take photos of him doing things and he'd ask if it was for my blop. It was.

 He was a pretty popular guy here on the blop. I always got a lot of comments when I did a post about him. He liked that.

He was perfect blop fodder. He loved all things crafty. He kept his hands busy which kept his mind from wandering into places he didn't want it to go. I find myself doing the same thing these days.

He was handy indoors and out. This was only five years ago. The aging process is so swift-and terrifying.

Holding my yarn ball while I knit was the best he could do in those last months.

What I miss most were those days we were working in tandem. He was cutting, I was sewing. His music would be blasting. Good times while they lasted.

 I miss tea on the porch while gazing out at the Bay.

I miss our garden and my fig tree.

I miss his stash of candy bars.

I miss him always having holes in the socks I knit him so I would have to knit him another pair.

I miss having a dad on Father's Day.


  1. Daddio sounds like a wonderful man. I'm happy that you have so many sweet memories of a VERY talented man.

  2. Oh bless your heart Debra. I miss having a Dad on Father’s Day too. You have some wonderful memories to keep you going though. Mine, not so great. I guess it is what it is. I really enjoyed seeing these photos today. What a special Dad he must have been.
    Blessings always my friend,

  3. My Dad has been gone for 52 years - it doesn't seem possible that so many years have passed. I love the photos of your Dad's hands. I regret not taking photos of my Mom's hands.

  4. It's hard that he's gone (even for us blop readers!) but you are so lucky to have had him... especially that he loved doing crafty things with you. My Dad and I share a love of books and the outdoors, but nothing crafty.

  5. Such a wonderful, loving post. I sure miss my Dad too. Yesterday hiking at Hickory Run, I used my Dad's backpack.

  6. Such a beautiful post. My Dad was active until the last year but he still enjoyed life. Thinking of you today as you miss your Dad.

  7. I love how you guys had that "craft connection". It's not too common with Dad's. This is my 22nd fatherless Father's Day. Enjoy your memories!

  8. Awww.. you really were lucky to have a special bond with your Dad. Cherish and remember the good times.

    -Mary S

  9. You did a great job on this post; you caught the essence of your camaraderie for these last few years and it is a wonderful tribute!

  10. Big big hugs to you. Your blop....I love that. He's smilingdown at you