Friday, June 15, 2018


Sporting events like the World Cup give you a a weird perspective on life. Four years is a big chunk of time to go by.

Four years ago the family had gathered for a dinner at Daddio's to watch France play. 

He was my World Cup buddy. We used to call back and forth about the games. He really got into it. We hung the flags of the teams playing on his front porch. He loved flags. I miss that.

It seems like so long ago that he was still home and driving us all crazy. The early stages of dementia are so difficult. We couldn't convince him that something was wrong and he needed help. He always knew best even when it was a disaster as it always was.

We also said goodbye to #2 Son four years ago. He made the big move to Michigan in June. 

We were watching the cup at his farewell bash.

DIL become a citizen four years ago in June and she got a party too. 

Four years ago Hoover was a she....or so I thought. I couldn't understand why she kept hanging around. I took "her" to the vets because I thought she might be having kittens. Now I know he is a he. He sleeps in the house. He's here for good. Four years. So much lost and so much gained. Scary, isn't it?


  1. I love your Hoover. He is a spitting image of my Mister, who disappeared on March 20th (he was an inside/outside kitty). I miss him terribly. On a complete other note, I use your lip balm every day, even now when it's so hot. I love it.

  2. Four years can be a lifetime when you realize the things that have occurred during that time period. Both good and bad. What a sweet little picture of Hoover. Many blessings to you today Debra, Betsy

  3. It's interesting how so many of the events of your life have been tied together with the central theme of the World Cup. What a sweet remembrance entry on your blog; it made me stop to think back to what was happening four years ago in my life. Thanks for sending me along my own personal memory journey!

  4. It's amazing how much can change so quickly.

  5. Oh Daddio. Funny I just posted a photo of my mom and zachary on Facebook. Your father's day may be rough. BIG HUGS to you.

  6. Some memories are bittersweet aren't they?

  7. Love the look on Hoover's face. It's like he is saying, "of COURSE, I am a boy!"

  8. You said it. I'm kind of amazed at what has happened in the past 4 years and yet how some things feel like they just happened or they blend together in my memory mind since our traditions and hangouts are similar year to year? I am fully sucked into the WC. I'll be your WC buddy. xoxo