Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Day at the Beach

 It's gotten too hot to take Pup on our usual town boardwalk during the day. Shade is in short supply there.

Instead we walk on the wooded path that leads to another beach nearby.

This beach allows dogs so Pup gets to get up close and personal with sand and the water. She's never quite sure what to make of it.

Instead of seagulls you can find the herons here. They don't seem to mind the dogs that come for a swim.

I got my feet wet for the first time this year.  That's as far as I go in the Bay. When I was a kid we swam like otters in it. Now, it's dirty. It's recovering but it's still pretty sad. Maryland is suing the EPA to try to keep the regulations we need to save it. Lots of people make their living in its waters around here.

The wetlands that spill into the Bay have taken over thanks to all the rain.

We couldn't even get to the boardwalk that skirts the cliffs. Some folks lost their backyards to landslides in that big rainstorm a few weeks back.

Since the boardwalk was closed we had to head back home early and that was fine with Pup. Me too. We needed a good scrubbing and to clean all that sand out of the new car.


  1. I remember how excited Mandy was that there was a beach just a couple of blocks from her house in Maryland. She was looking forward to taking Piper swimming there. Then she found out how dirty the water was. They didn’t even let the dog near it. That is SO sad. The beaches are beautiful and I hope they can get them clean again.

  2. The shaded walk looks like it was a nice jaunt-even the breeze over the water had to be nice. Washing the sand off of us is a daily ritual! lol

  3. That looks like a beautiful place to walk.

    New car??? Had you mentioned that before??? What did you get?

  4. The wooded path makes the water look inviting.

  5. That's the second heron I've seen on blogs today! You lucky folks who see water birds regularly.
    When I was editor of the Maryland Gazette, I wrote a lot about the Bay. It's quite sad that we have treated it so poorly.

  6. You get to walk in some lovely areas, with and without pup. The wetlands look beautiful. I'm sorry about people's backyards.

  7. Looks like a really lovely day! Glad to see that you were able to enjoy yourselves!

  8. Landslides, yikes! That's why I am a flatlander!