Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Blue Skies

 It wasn't exactly a sunny day but it was cool and dry.

The first thing we had to do was to go check on the beach. The photos being shared online were pretty scary.

All that was left of the deluge were lots of puddles.

After the hurricanes that pretty much destroyed the little city, they installed flood protection that look like little rock covered wells. They work. You could hear the rush of water draining in the storm drains all over the city.

 I was worried about the koi pond. I had visions of the fish washing out into the Bay.

 It was filled to the brim, in fact spilling over but the fish were fine.

To The Mister's delight we got there at just the right time to see them fed. The caretaker talked to us a long time about their care. They are pretty fascinating creatures who live 80 years. Who knew?

 The lilies are in bloom and they are beautiful. It was funny to see the koi pushing them over to get the pellets that landed on the leaves. They are very smart fish.

 The Mister was also happy to find out his favorite coffee shop is now open on Mondays again. It's one good thing about having the tourists around. I'd be happier if they weren't always out of scones. They make amazing scones.

What did make me happy was finding these on the beach. You know what this means? The Dragon Boat festival is coming up this Saturday. Good times.


  1. I’m so glad to read that you’re drying out over there. Those storms were doozies! Interesting stats about the koi. I had no idea they lived that long either. Take care and I’m looking forward to hearing more about those boats.

  2. Those boats are fun! We saw a dragon race on a canal once - all the boats were decorated. Yes, finally drying out a bit and definitely cooler again today.

  3. Nice to see the blue-er skies!
    Interesting about the koi fish-glad you visited at the right time to hear about it!
    Smart about the drain wells-good idea. (I think your town could send some advice to Ellicot who didn't do the great changes after last year's flooding to their detriment!)

  4. Good to see that the area is returning to normal and that the flood protection wells worked. Koi are fun to watch.

  5. Glad the koi are safe. I want a koi pond someday.

  6. After over a week and a half of rainy, hot, humid days, we are on the second day of lower temps and low humidity. It is just wonderful. If the weather would stay like this, I could love summer. Hope you are having more pleasant days and the weather cooperates for the weekend festival.

  7. Your little town is so cute! Hope you were able to snag a scone.

  8. You live in such a beautiful place. Even the storm can't wipe out the beauty.
    I had no idea that koi lived for 80 years. That is amazing. And it is so hopeful that they survived.

  9. I really enjoyed touring the town post storm with you. The koi are beautiful. I wish I could have a coffee and scone with you two. Enjoy the calm.

  10. I had no idea Koi could live that long! WO@. Glad the storm damage is not more than big puddles now. Scary stuff

  11. Glad the damage by you was not horrible. Flooding is the worst!