Sunday, June 10, 2018

Dragon Boat Festival 2018

 Yesterday we were up and out bright and early.

If you don't get down to the beach in the wee hours you can't find a parking spot. The heads and drums were on the boats and they were ready to go but the races had not begun.

It was the calm before the storm.

 And I mean storm. They were calling for afternoon thunderstorms so once they got this thing rolling they moved at a fast clip so it would all be over by noon which was fine by me.

 There were 30 plus teams this year. Finding a spot on the boardwalk so you could see the water was a challenge.

 There are 16 paddlers and one drummer on each team.

 There is a contest for the best dressed drummer.

They take their paddling very seriously and those boats fly once they sound the starter.

Three boats racing and three boats loading. They have it down to a science.

 Each team sets up a welcome booth. There is a prize for the best decorated one.

Of course there were food vendors. The longest line was at the crab truck. Fries covered in crab dip was popular.

 As were the beer trucks. The Mister had two-for breakfast.

We left Pup at home because of the heat but there were animals all over the place-in the shade for the most part.

They didn't look too impressed by the whole thing.

There was even a monkey. Golly.

By the end of the day this is just how I felt. It was good to get back home and into the AC-and listen to the thunder. We did get our storm. More rain. Ugh.

Oh, well.....we got takeout Chinese and then I had to nurse my sunburn. Every year I forget about that sun thing.  You'd think I'd learn.


  1. Looks like a fun-filled day. Love the, "give where you live" line at the bottom of the banner.

  2. How fun! Thank you so much for taking us along. The boats remind me the ones we see flying through the ocean off the coast of Maui when we go there on vacation. I love the costumes and all the decorations. The dogs in the picture look like I think I would feel with all the heat humidity. It looks like a fun day.

  3. IT looks like quite a day. Diaper cream works wonders on sunburn, don't suppose you have any of that around?

  4. In general, I'd rather do than watch, but that looks like a really entertaining race.

  5. Looks like a day worth getting up early for!