Friday, June 22, 2018

It Seams Like Summer

 This is the last of the wonky flowers I am free motioning on Daddio's Thangle quilt. After all the things I tried to mark them with, the pounce and some plain old chalk worked best.

 See? It didn't really matter though how well I marked it.

 When I got to the machine it was a free for all. Those are some really wonky flowers. I need to figure out how to support the quilt better. It kept pulling itself out of wack as I tried to sew a straight line.

 Dear Jane is still happening but is moving slowly. I've lost my light. The trees filled in and we are in permanent shade now. Those tiny seams are hard to see even using every light I own. Having said that, I have gotten two and a half blocks done.

 I worked up the nerve to figure out the first of the blocks for the Saltwater mini quilt I wanted for a summer display. They are quite labor intensive.

See what I mean? That's one petal. I need eight for each flower and there are four flowers and that's not counting the centers which are even worse. I may have this done-by next summer.


  1. Lots of sewing happening at your house!

  2. Such detailed work! Looks lovely to me.

  3. Remember not to be too hard on yourself for the will look fine when finished.
    The piecing can be tough without good lighting-I don't know how you do it! The mini quilt will be sweet when done-just keep plugging away!

  4. I admire your ability to work on something a bit at a time. I m all in or nothing. IT does me in sometimes!!!!!