Wednesday, June 20, 2018

90 Minutes

 There are two 45 minute halves in a soccer game.

 I listen to the first half of each game while I go about my business and then sit down for the second half of each. There have been three games a day so I've gotten a lot threaded on the loom watching them.

 Brickless is this big now.

I'm past the heel on my sock-finally.

 I've also got my floor stand set up by the TV with my little sheep sampler on it. Mr. Cheviot just needs his legs and he will be a done deal.

And to think this is a year that we go right from the World Cup to the Tour de France. I won't have to get out of my pajamas until August.


  1. The last line is my favorite. Jammies till August sounds good to me. :-). You’re making great progress on everything.

  2. I love that last line too - lol. All of your projects look great! Ineed to go look at that brickless pattern....

  3. Sooo, I'm not the only one who sneaks in some pajama, knitting time. Love all your projects.

  4. Sounds like a plan!!!! LOL

  5. Oh my goodness !!! Tour de fleece is upon us! Im still watching tons of Cubs baseball, and we are so happy Mexico beat Germany in soccer so far!!!

  6. Ha, ha, ha! I love a pj day and only get them once in a while now, boo hoo!!!!
    I love all that you can do while you watch; I'm getting ready for the Tour de Fleece-I didn't get to do any last year!

  7. Can't wait for the Tour! I don't participate in the Tour de Fleece but love to watch the work that's done! I love the way you've set up your work so you can enjoy the World Cup!

  8. Oh I wish I was there to knit and watch the sports with you!

    I'm jealous you watch all 3, does this mean you are one those wake at the crack of dawn people? I stay up late but even when I can, I don't sleep too late. If I make it to 8 it's a triumph!

  9. I am so glad to have a multicraftular buddy! I always hop from one craft to another.