Saturday, June 23, 2018

Color My World

 I'm still painting swatches-flat washes, gradient washes, variegated washes. I've been testing transparency and opaqueness.

 I've got new paints. I'm such a sucker for paints in tins. Cindy recommended these and I love them. I love the sound the tins make when you open them. Weird, I know.

 I bought these Kuretake Gansai paints a while ago but I've been afraid to use them. They are so pretty. They may just be my "pet" paints in my vast watercolor collection. Well, maybe not the metallics at the bottom. I think I may have to try those soon.

 I've been using Craftsy and You Tube for inspiration and instruction but I've also added some texts. These books are full of exercises that are going to keep me busy forever.

 I'm still flower doodling when the spirit moves me.

 I did try some "real" painting but as you can see by all the notes on them that I was not happy with the product. I like this process though. I find critiquing my own work this way very satisfying. It must be the teacher in me.

 I'm ready for lots more work. I went to buy some of these little notebooks and couldn't find them anywhere anymore so I panicked and ordered a bunch online.

 On my failed quest to find watercolor books I did find these pricey pencils on sale at AC Moore's for only $10. Since the first of the year, I've been keeping a journal and they are just the thing I need for a quick sketch.

And look at that. I was making dinner the other night and I look over and The Mister was helping himself to my paints. He paints models in the basement all day with serious paint and thought the watercolors were fun. They are.


  1. I absolutely love your paintings. All of them. Never, never let anyone put you down, even yourself.

  2. Fantastic work going on here. I love the creativity! The new paints will definitely unlock your inner artist! lol

  3. Love your watercolor posts so much - they always lift my spirits! I'm thinking that although I have absolutely zero artistic talents I just might try doing some washes just for fun!

  4. Don't be too hard on yourself! After all, the originality is what makes art so much fun and enjoyed!

  5. I admire your patience is doing all those exercises! I know I need to do more of that kind of thing. I think your pictures turned out great.

    What kind of paint set is that?