Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Meet Enya

 I just got a funny shaped box that came all the way from China.

 #1 Son sent me an Amazon gift certificate for Mother's Day and I wanted to do something special with it before I used it up on silly stuff.

Ta's a ukulele. An Enya OMS to be exact. She's beautiful. I have never had one before. She joins my two guitars, Paloma and Luna, that I torture from time to time when I am so inclined-mostly when there is no one in earshot. I'm pretty pathetic.

If you are wondering just how musically inclined I am, here is my piano. I plunk on it downstairs while I am waiting for the dryer to cut off. I've been playing the same first level songs from my instruction series for almost thirty years and I still need stickys on the keys. Lol........


  1. Enya is beautiful! I know that beautiful music will come from her. I think your stickies on the keys idea is brilliant!
    I mailed your package today and hope you enjoy the contents. :-)

  2. Is there anything you do not do? You are amazing!!

  3. As long as you are having fun ... nothing else matters. Welcome home, Enya!

  4. I love the stickies on the keys. Years ago, when Dave was trying to teach me piano, I put stickies on the keys. He was aghast. But I did manage to plunk out a song or two.

  5. My goodness. I could put stickies on my keys!!!! and I could pretend to know how to play too!> I love this idea

  6. Ha-I love this! So what, if you enjoy it, go for it! I realized early on that my fingering skills definitely leaned in another direction! The ukulele is beautiful!

  7. Nice guitar! Our GK take great pleasure in rearranging our Key-stickies. Therein lies the challenge!