Friday, November 24, 2017

Turkey Day 2017

 It always starts with cookies. Oatmeal chocolate chip made during the parade. It's a family tradition.

 Then there is the chopping. In our family the cooking is men's work. #2 Son had been at it for hours by the time we got to Daughter's.

 Mmmm.....butternut never looked so good.

 SIL always grills the bird. It smells divine. I brought the carcass home to pick for the outside kitties and they gobbled it up.

 Look at this feast. So much to eat and every bite was delicious.

 We had new kittens for entertainment. They were so friendly and playful with the grands.

Big Grand helped me knit a bit. His socks are almost done.

 There was football after dinner. was cold. I was glad I had packed the doggie's coats. Mine too.

 Dessert was the usual.

The real treat were some surprises from Detroit- artisan potato chips and chocolates. Mmmm...good eats and all my kids in the same room. I had a lot to be thankful for yesterday.


  1. Such a wonderful day. We had none of our kids with us, but by the magic of face time we did get to visit. Your feast looks wonderful. I always enjoy seeing what others make as part of their dinners.

  2. Who cares about anything else when you have all your kids int he same room. That is the biggest blessing of all.

  3. I can't get over how cute that little doggie is in her coat!!! And it looks totally snuggly warm for her too. Those little hands helping you had a wonderful day that's for sure!

  4. You certainly did!!!

    Little doggie's coat is so CUTE on her.

    Wishing you a happy holiday season with more kitties, grandkids and of course, yummy things to eat.

  5. I am so happy for you Deb. It has been such a year with Daddio. IM glad your family gathered and enjoyed the goodness and the bounty. Mmmmm it all looks wonderful. Kittens? Perfection

  6. What a beautiful day! And the kittens and (sigh) that adorable puppy coat and hat!

  7. What a lovely traditional holiday you had with your family! And such a good knitting helper.