Sunday, November 26, 2017

Holiday Giveaway!

 Here you have it folks. The fruits of my fall labor are all tested, wrapped and ready to go. Up first in the mini bar category is Frankincense & Myrrh, a mildly exotic perfumey scent. To the right is Cinnamon Stick which smells just like one. Bottom left is Sleigh Ride which is spicy and warm. To the bottom right is Fresh Snow which is crisp and a bit tart.

 Santa's Spruce on the top left is sweet and slightly pine. Peppermint is made with real peppermint oil so it has a slight tingle. Christmas Candy is made up of bits and pieces of all of soap trimmings in a sweet base.

 Very Merry Cranberry is very berry-like. Winter Pine is a mild pine scent.

Lemongrass Verbena is a lemony vanilla blend. White Tea and Honey is fruity and sweet. Winter Spice is fruitcake in a bar. Goat's Milk and Honey is rich and warm. My favorite at the moment.

Gingerbread person is just my glycerin face soap in another form with a rich gingerbread fragrance.

I've also got tins of snowflake lotion bars in a rich winter formula that melts even on cold fingers. It's in the sugary spruce scent which is one of my favorites.

So here's the's a pick two giveaway which means you can choose two of the mini bars of soap OR a mini bar and a gingerbread person OR a mini bar and a lotion bar. No strings attached. It's my gift to you for the holiday season plus.....I need to get rid of all this so I can start making SPRING SOAP!!!!

Send me your mailing details over on Ravelry. Pick four of your favorite mini bar soap scents and I'll make sure you get at least one of what you choose.  Then sometime in December a holiday package of goodies will come your way. Ready, set, go.....


  1. Thank you! Best Christmas gift!

  2. You. Are. Amazing.

  3. I love the names of your soas so much! Thanks for your generosity!

  4. They all look amazing and I can smell them from here....heading over to Ravelry now. I just marvel at all you do...and do well too.

  5. Wow-delicious array of soaps-you do amazing work!

  6. Those ginger boys are so cute!
    I'm still working on my lovely Honey Crisp bar, so I'll pass this time around!

  7. You have been a very busy soap maker. LOL They look beautiful!

  8. Happy Holidays to you and yours, what a fantastic and generous gift :)