Sunday, November 5, 2017

Declaring War

It's finally begun. The leaves are beginning to fall.

 It's still pretty green here. We go from green to ground. No pretty colors to be found in my woods.

All this means The Mister is on high alert. He takes the leaf battle quite seriously.

 Every few days we go out and get up as many as we can.

 As you can see from our get-ups it's still very warm here. That means no socks and no sleeves.

 Pup doesn't mind. She's ready to play no matter the weather. She just had a birthday last week. She's 4 now. Not really a pup anymore.

 Old Doggie aka Pouch Pooch turned 17 on Halloween. That's pretty old in dog years.

 It's like a jungle out there. The Mister is clearing my walking path with the blower. I haven't been out there since the mosquitoes showed up. I haven't seen any for a while so I think I am good to go.

 It's nice to get outside even though this is far from the usual autumn splendor.

 We've got poplars and they are not pretty. They are big though. Scary big.

 We raked for a while and then The Mister fired up his big toy to finish the job. In a few days we'll do it all again and again and again. Usually until the first of December. It's always such a big mess if we get a snow before the leaves are down. Thankfully that hasn't happened in years. Snow? What's that?

It is supposed to get chilly next week. Good thing. I found this cute coat for Pup at Petsmart yesterday and I can't wait to get some use out of it. 


  1. I’ve raked twice this week but we still have more on the ground. Now there are a few inches of snow on them with seven more inches predicted for tomorrow. They fell and covered the ground again, even as I was picking up the raked ones. I finally gave up and now I think they’re destined to be there until spring. Oh well. I did my best up until, and even after the flakes started falling yesterday!

  2. It is funny to see the leaf wars...we just use a blower here, and blow the leaves into the hedges! lol

  3. We dont deal with the leaves much. We have lots of woods here and they blow into there. I LOVE the pups new coat

  4. Omg! That doggie coat is adorable! And so are those little dogs of yours. :-) We are just now getting a little leave color down here but so far none have fallen and our temps are very summer like right now.

  5. Has is been four years already.. seems like just last year that you brought that little fluffball home

  6. That is the cutest pup coat ever!!!

    Now that we live up north, maybe we should get Giroux a swanky sweater. He might NEED it. LOL

  7. What a treat to see the pups! Please kiss them for me.