Saturday, November 18, 2017

Bless This Mess

 I really should have been cleaning up this disaster of a house I came home to but it was too nice a day.

 Pup wanted to try out her new coat so off we went to the water.

 The Mister and I grabbed a coffee and sat on a bench staring at the water all afternoon enjoying the chilly breeze and warm sun. The mess can wait.

I did however accomplish one goal-washing my winter outerwear. When I went to grab my jacket it was covered in dust from hanging on the corner coat rack all summer. Nothing will ruin a good time worse than a noseful of dust. Ah choo...


  1. Love Pups coat! Spending time together staring at the water is much, much more important than cleaning. The mess will wait.

  2. That little doggie coat is just darling.....that little pup of yours is just darling....and the combination of the two is over the top! So sweet. Looks like a day well spent. House cleaning can wait! LOL

  3. I have missed two weeks of blogging and come back to find you have been very busy. Entertaining grands, art projects, fun drinks, lots of knitting and bad joins. Sounds like fun, well except those joins.......

  4. Yes, it's time to remove the winter coats from the closet and give them a good shake and cleaning.

    Your outing sounds delightful.

  5. Hey, when the sun shines, you need to get outside! Enjoy!

  6. Cute doggie coat! Perfect day to get out - you made the right choice.

  7. I think the day on the bench with sunshine and a bit of crisp to the air, looking at water sounds perfect!

  8. Pup is adorable in her new coat!!!!

    Judy is right .........we'll be stuck inside soon enough. Enjoy the sun while it shines!