Saturday, November 11, 2017

Home Again....

 ...for a few days and then I'll head back to the Grands for another couple of days of kiddie sitting. In my down time I started yet another sock because while I was sitting last week, the big Grand took an interest in a striped sock I was knitting during little Grand's nap time. He spent a good half hour "helping" me by pulling out the colors and then watching me knit them. On my way home I stopped and picked up a couple of balls of Kroy so we can work on a pair of socks of his very own.

 After getting caught up on chores I managed to get some spinning done. This is a lovely nubby silk/Merino blend that is like a dream to spin. It's about all I had energy for. Grand sitting is certainly not for the faint of heart or body.

I also had to do tons of laundry. The seasons switched while I was away and now it's time to pull out the warm things. In the wash they all go to get rid of all the summer dust. My allergies are always terrible this time of year so anything that adds to them has to be reckoned with.

Speaking of chilly, while I was away I spied this gorgeous Cynthia Rowley sweatshirt at Marshall's and had to have it. I feel horribly guilty about it because it was not cheap and I already have tons of handknit sweaters that hardly ever get an outing. I wish I looked like the photo when I have it on. I don't but I feel like I do so it had to come home with me, right?

Finally, even though he wouldn't be caught dead reading this blog, I want to wish SIL a happy Veterans Day. He served more than his fair share in Iraq with the Marines but the battles I am most grateful for are the ones he concedes to Daughter. She's a handful at times and he's a great guy. Ooh-rah....!


  1. Absolutely love your last paragraph! :-). How fun to knit with the grands. The socks will be well loved. Your spinning colorway is gorgeous.

  2. I'm making a note to self to pick up some of that Kroy. I love those colors together! That's a nice sweatshirt and you shouldn't feel guilty about getting it....your worth it! Like my way of thinking??? LOL I can rationalize any purchase.

  3. Great post! The new sweater is beautiful and you will look great in it! I like how your grandson 'helped' with the knitting!

  4. Thank SIL for his service. Silly you, nothing wrong with purchasing that gorgeous zip sweater

  5. OOO-rah indeed!

    I'm sure you look and feel like a million bucks in that sweater and so it cost a few $$$ --- you deserve nice things!!!!

  6. Kroy is such a delight to knit. Like your grandson, I pull out the colors before I knit them: it's motivating.

    I love the statement you made about your SIL conceding battles to your daughter. He sounds like a wonderful and loving man.

  7. Fun socks! What's your favorite GK sock pattern?

    1. This is just a 3 x 1 rib that works well for kids. It stretches like crazy but clings to their feet.