Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Slight Diversion

 I know I am supposed to be working on the quilt I have in the hoop during the precious minutes I have to sew but I forgot about those autumn potholders I had laying on the sewing machine.

 I spent the afternoon happily sewing strips together and cutting blocks.

 All the ingredients were readied in no time at all.

 This is as fas as I got with assembly. I was bragging to The Mister about not having a headache in a while and snuck up on me so I put it away for another day.

This was a kit that supposedly made four potholders and just look at how much material I have left. I am thinking a matching table runner is going to be in my future. Maybe two.


  1. How pretty! Nothing like a quick project to give us a boost! Sorry about the headache-I've been getting slammed with one every afternoon and I'm not happy about it!

  2. These are really nice! Perfect fall colors and a table runner to match is an excellent idea.

  3. Oh. Leftovers are sometimes great. Do you want the next project or not?

  4. How fun! They are so pretty and perfect for November. I'm sorry about the headache. My best friend has had one for 7 days now and it's really frustrating her. She's missed a lot of work this week. I hope you are lots better this morning.
    How's the bathroom coming along?

  5. Perfect colors for this month. Hope you headache goes away soon.