Monday, November 6, 2017

Mr. Gobbles

 This is my third year of working on my Thanksgiving rug project.

 This is the first pattern I ever bought.

 I took it all pretty seriously back then. I was actually sorting colors and clipping them together. Now I just throw them all in a bag.

 I even dyed my own wool fabric for these leaves. That was actually fun. I need to do that again.

After taking down all the Halloween stuff the house looks pretty empty. This is it for Thanksgiving doo dads which is sad because I really like Thanksgiving. Having said that I don't even know what Thanksgiving doo dads would be.


  1. Mr Gobbles is adorable. My yard turkeys are not that pretty! YEs, the decorations are down from Halloween but I enjoy the quiet before all the Christmas decorations go up here. So I light a few more candles

  2. I'm always kind of annoyed that there are not more Thanksgiving decorations. But as usual, no one has asked ... ;-)

  3. I've got the box out to change out some of the decorations, too! Hope I get it done today! This rug is going to be a stunner-soon but I like that you enjoy the journey with your projects! (well mostly! lol)

  4. Maybe you need a pilgrim salt and pepper shaker!

  5. Looks like you're almost done! It looks really cute too!!

  6. Mr. Gobbles is pretty impressive. I use the same decorations for October and November. I don’t do jack-o’-lanterns or anything Halloweeny and so then I can just leave it all up for Thanksgiving too. Pumpkins and fall leaves and such. Although with all the snow we got this weekend, I’m tempted to put it all away and get my snowmen out!
    Blessings always, Betsy

  7. It's the less-is-more holiday for decorating. I have a few Thanksgiving things and they bring me joy EVERY year.

    Your Thanksgiving rug has such pretty colors and I love your little turkey doo-dad. He is PERFECT!