Thursday, November 2, 2017

Mini Staycation

 I was at Daughter's kitty sitting on Saturday night while she and hubby made a quick trip to New York for a very special reason. I'll tell you all about that tomorrow. Since I wasn't going to be there long I just packed up my latest knitting projects. This was a new sock-with the emphasis on WAS....

That yarn barf had a fatal knot in it that actually shredded this 100% acrylic sock yarn when I tried to pry it out. Since I hated the color and I hated the feel of it, I threw it all away. Life is too short for yucky yarn. I immediately went and ordered some cotton sock yarn from WEBS to take it's place.

 I do like these. I hope there is no barf or knots in there anywhere. I really should have rewound the yarn before I cast on. Boo me.

 I got a few more rows on my Hawthorne socks. I am past the heel now.

 I cast on another Pimpliesse. It is my favorite pattern for wonky handspun. That's the Green with Envy Polwarth that I spun during this year's Tour.

 Finally, I got some serious mileage on my Lofoton sleeve. I know it looks weird but... is what it will look like when the lining is tucked in. I've never made a sleeve like this before but I am just sitting back and going along for the ride. This pattern is too complicated for rethinking it.


  1. I really like the sock style you’re working on now. The color changes are great! The Pimpliesse is my “go to” shawl pattern. I’ve made around a dozen of them over the past few years. Love the color you’ve chosen.

  2. I had to go look up that sleeve pattern... my that's going to be lovely!

  3. Love that sleeve pattern!! That's so pretty!

  4. Your sleeve is amazing! You do some intricate work. I love your socks too. I am on the vest pattern and I choose it because i trust the Knitting Pure and Simple FOlk to walk me through it

  5. Fabulous knitting and great colors. I have to go investigate that sleeve and the shawl. I hope I have not been enabled.....

  6. Your knitting projects are fantastic! I'm glad you chucked the unhappy yarn and got some new happy stuff. I am a little wary of the cotton sock yarn, or cotton yarn in general. It behaves differently. The lofoton sleeve work is just gorgeous!

  7. All your project look terrific, I agreed with the way you dealt with that unruly yarn. Been there done that!

  8. Life is too short to knit with yucky yarn, and I might add knitting time is limited so knit with what you like.