Thursday, November 9, 2017

Needles and Pins

 I packed up the Halloween samplers until next year and started kitting up the autumn sampler pattern I had bought a few weeks ago. The problem was, I hated my needles. DMC needles are awful. I can never thread them because the eyes are so rough inside. They are all my craft stores carry so I had to order some better ones from 123stitch.

 Of course I saw this cute little Thanksgiving pattern so I had to have it too.

 And the floss.

Now I have two more samplers in the works. That makes 9 if I don't count the Halloween ones. That's a ridiculous amount if I think about them in terms of finishing-so I don't.


  1. Oh I really like that new sampler. I can’t look at cross stitch because I have no more places for any new ones. I really miss it too. I never thought my issues with threading those needles could be the needles themselves. I always blamed myself and my eyes. Good to know that it’s probably not all my fault! Ha ha! Have fun!

  2. Nine is good number but ten is better :) Happy stitching!

  3. JoAnn's has floss on sale for 33 cents until Sunday. I may or may not be going. BTW, I blame you for my current Flosstube addiction!!!

  4. Nah, if it makes you happy and not stressed, then go for it! I like the Thanksgiving cross stitch!

  5. I like your thought process although I do think you need to round that number up to ten. Ten is such a nice even't ya think? LOL

  6. Flosstube is new for me so I'll be taking a look at that! I always learn something from this site!

  7. Well EXACTLY my friend. Whose counting? I love seeing your work seasonally. It is not like you just put them away forever. You are good!

  8. Nope . . . just think about fun and variety. You will never get bored with just one project.

    I just bought some of those Bohin needles. They are okay, but I really miss My Favorite Needle. I wish someone would buy the rights to those so they could be made again.

  9. You've got me thinking that perhaps my threading troubles are the needles as much as my eyesight. Are there particular needles that you would recommend?

    1. I am using the Bohin and the John James in size 24 now and it is making a huge difference in threading.