Saturday, November 25, 2017

First Frost

 When we woke up this morning there was frost. You know what that means, fruitcake weather.

 The only problem was that I hadn't been out shopping to pick up the dried fruit and nuts I needed.

 The Mister was heading out to the local Mom and Pop grocery down the street to pick up his winnings from the Thanksgiving football pool so I made him a list and hoped for the best.

Not bad. The little minis I make as test cakes were pretty good with a steaming cuppa. They are not your traditional fruitcake but they'll work.


  1. Your little mini fruit cakes look delicious. Fruitcakes have such a bad reputation, and admittedly some aren’t very good. But I have had some that are just plain delicious. Blessings always, Betsy

  2. I bet it smelled so GOOD while they were baking!!!! ENJOY!

  3. Yumm! They look delicious! I've had several frosts already here. What's up with weather is suppose to warmer than yours!!

  4. Looking very tasty! Minis are a fun idea.

  5. These look good-all fruitcakes are not so lucky! lol