Friday, January 29, 2016

Warriors of Winter

 The sun is melting all of our white stuff very quickly but yesterday morning it was perfect for sledding thanks to an overnight refreeze. It took very little effort to go a long way.


 The pups like a good slide too.

 Old Pup rode down and new Pup ran behind when we couldn't catch her to put her on a sled.

Hoover watched from a fallen tree with much disdain for all the ruckus. 

Pup was really only interested in stealing our gloves. Chase is the only game she really likes.

I wasn't much of a fan during the storm itself but I do like snow. Sadly, it won't be long before it's all gone. All the paths I worked so hard to shovel are now down to grass. Temps in the 50's and lots of sun are in the forecast for the week to come so we'll be back to green in no time.


  1. I LOVE snow and hate to see it melt so quickly!

  2. Hoover looks pretty impressive up there on his high perch above the fray. LOL!

  3. I'm glad you had fun now that the conditions are milder! (Now that is a good winter-short!)

  4. Hoover obviously thinks you are all crazy!
    The day after you got all the snow, we got rain, so all our snow is gone. (Rocky is pleased). We've been hovering around zero ever since, getting a mix of snow, followed by rain so everything is bare. Looks like more of that for the weekend!

  5. Oh I was afraid YOU were sledding at first. My back would NOT be able to handle that ! Glad it was a little one on the sled. We are in for RAIN, and its too dreary when it rains.....but my snowdrops are coming up. So we are bound to have a big old storm to fool them!

    1. That is me in the red sweater. I hit the hill as soon as I can. I love sledding!