Monday, January 4, 2016

Surprise Package

 While I am rolling down Interstate 95 towards Orlando on the second day of our road trip, let me show you what showed up in the mail on Saturday.

 The lovely lady who sold me her Wolf Pup loom sent me a surprise. Lots and lots of reading material full of inspiration and ideas on projects galore. I can't thank her enough.

It've actually been doing a lot of thinking about my little loom lately. It and the warping board haven't seen any action since early fall.

 The weaving stash, although small, holds enough material for at least eight more towels. I've got three unused kits from Cotton Clouds.

 But the kits can wait. I think I'll design something of my own for Easter when I get back. Even though this winter has been a bust so far, it's not too early to think about spring.


  1. You certainly have an interesting mix of colors to work with.

    Safe travels and have fun in Orlando!

  2. I am a magazine addict-you will be so inspired after all the reading! Have a wonderful time today!

  3. Spring sounds sooooo distanT. Have fun in FLA!!!!

  4. Wow what a cornucopia of weaver's delight! I love the way those colors look side by side and stacked. I see more fun and crafty times in your future! I'm excited to see your Easter project (or any weaving project!) turn out.

  5. New weaving project.... I am dreaming about one myself.
    I am sure you will design something beautiful!