Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hitting the Ground Running

Busy, busy, busy. I wasn't supposed to be home this weekend. I was still supposed to be in sunny Florida but we cut the trip short by a day so I arrived home just in time to be able to perform with the team in the winter show on Saturday. It was a good thing because my stand-in sprained her ankle and couldn't skate my part. The show went like clockwork and was loads of fun but I forgot to get any photos. Boo me.

 Tired as I was, the next day I had to make the hour drive back to the rink for a dress rehearsal. We were also getting our photos taken.

I wish I could remember to get a photo of the caterpillar in action. It's quite a sight watching it skate along with its eight dancing legs.

That's Daughter on the far right losing her mind trying to get everyone situated for a group photo while yelling at me to put my camera down and get in line next to Clifford. Trying to get that many people to stand still on ice is not easy.


  1. Too funny! I'm glad the show went well!

  2. I do not understand how you could take photos anyways being part of an ice production! The sets and costumes look so professional.

  3. Oh I can imagine the caterpillar but i'd love to really SEE it.

  4. That's quite a switch from sunny Florida to a cold ice rink! I don't know how you manage all you do but I sure love reading about it all!!

  5. LOL Kind of like herding cats???? LOL

    You guys look GREAT!

  6. Would be fun to see, especially that caterpillar. No wonder you're tired; you've kept quite busy lately, busier even than usual!