Thursday, January 7, 2016


OMGoodness. I did love Epcot.

It's all the Disney regulars with an international flair.

Do you know what this is? It is a store in the Norway exhibit that sells real Dale of Norway sweaters. I was dizzy with joy. I had real Dale of Norway in my hands. I love Dale of Norway designs. I spent seven years working on the Lillehammer pattern. That sweater you see on display was $300. Needless to say I brought nothing home but happy memories.

The Grand loves water. He was just as happy looking at the lake as all the fancy stuff. If he can see water while he is on a bridge it makes him even happier.

The China exhibit is gorgeous as are all the little "countries" that line the lake.

I got some knitting time in while the family waited in lines for this or that.

We had beer and pretzels in Germany.

We were entertained in Italy....

....and Japan.

In Morocco everyone was trying on fezzes.

In Paris we had fancy drinks and pastries.

In England I admired this window of tea cozies and bought some digestive biscuits. Son had a pint of Guinness.

In Canada we admired the Chateau Frontenac replica and looked for poutine. They had it but only in a sit down restaurant so we missed out.

I rode a clamshell through Nemo Land.

We saw manatee's, dolphins and sharks.

We ate at The Coral Reef among the fishes.

This looks like a pile of goop but it is extremely delicious pretend chicken with grilled veggies. Best meal yet.

It was late when we left but it felt like it was too soon to go. It was a wonderful day. Tomorrow Animal Kingdom!


  1. I'm not convinced that the pile of goop look-a-like fake chicken thing was good. :-)

  2. What an amazing day! I agree with grandson about to be near it, too.

  3. Oh the pastries in FRANCE!!!! YUM!

    When we had our passes we would walk the path from Hollywood Studios to EPCOT, take a loop around World Showcase, ending at France for a little snack, then walk back to HStudios. We liked to pretend we walked off all the calories in that snack!

    Have fun at Animal Kingdom!

  4. Sounds like you are having a great time! How's the weather been?

    1. It's been COLD and drizzly but we love it. It's perfect for all that walking. Today it got warm just as we arrived in "Africa" which was just right.

  5. I"m loving the recaps! Did they have bell ringers in the beer and pretzel place? LOVE me some warm fresh pretzels!!!

    1. No bell ringers the day we were there but plenty of very nice people.

  6. Sometimes I feel like the only Canadian who doesn't like poutine....

  7. Omg I want to go to Epcot so bad. I can tell there is a tea cozy in the shape of a terrier. LOL

  8. Love your photos and sounds like a great day. Epcot was always our favorite part of DW.