Monday, January 25, 2016

In the Trenches

 My official snow total for Snowzilla was ten inches. That was what stuck on my table in those fierce winds. I'm pretty sure that's not all that fell.

 I can speak with some confidence on that matter because I spent yesterday digging out. My driveway is very long and all uphill so it's a lot of work. The Mister starts at the top and I start at the bottom and we meet in the middle. Since we leave the cars at the top when they are calling for bad weather we only dig a path. Trying to dig out the whole driveway in snow this deep would be crazy.

 Then I dug a path to the shed so the cats can go hide under it if they wish. That little gray thing in the distance is the shed. It's waaaay down the hill. That was a job.

 I also dug them a path through the woods to their favorite log pile. Happily, they all showed up for a good meal once the storm was over. One even came in on the last night of the storm and stayed in all night without a fuss. That's how bad it was out there.

 It was still cold but the sun felt wonderful.

I took the sled for several runs through the yard but it was too much work to walk back up the hill in the deep snow. It was over my boots in places.

 Back inside I ripped back my Thick and Quick cowl and cast on a simple garter throw with the yarn. This is going to take forever but it will give me something to work on when I feel like knitting but I don't feel like thinking.

 I got the sleeves attached to the yoke on my White Pine cardigan.

 That was a job and a half. Now it's a giant slog of a cable knit. It won't be done anytime soon.

 All the ends have been woven into Son's cardi. Now it only needs to be blocked and the buttons sewn on.

I did end up casting on some new Lopi snow mittens. You can't have enough in weather like this. I have a sink full of wet ones right now.


  1. I don't envy you the heavy snow work! I would have stayed in to knit! You have some gorgeous progress going on and the new Lopi mittens are perfect; great color work!

  2. All of that snow looks amazing. We have frost for the second time this year in Florida. IT is fun to see. Love your knitting.
    Stay warm,

  3. Love reading your blog. The knitting pics are the sweaters! Your pics of the snow! Stay warm and cozy...that's what knitting is for, right?!

  4. Ugh! That's way way way to much snow! Brings back bad bad bad memories for me! LOL! Nice job on the cardi for your son btw and I love the Lopi mitts your working on!

  5. That's not too bad! It's always a bit scary when you're in the midst of it but so pretty when its over.

  6. That is a ton of snow. SO glad the cats weathered it well and you are adear to care for them. Happy looking sweater knitting!

  7. Wow, you really got a lot of SNOW! Looks like you have a good excuse to stay home and knit. Love your mitts, and that cardi for you son is so good looking! Stay warm!!!