Monday, January 18, 2016

Late Arrival

After a very warm few days, winter finally showed up-unannounced.

We weren't expecting snow but it came anyway.

The weather people were more than taken by surprise.

It was what we call a "conversational" snow, meaning that it didn't cause any nuisance.

 Everyone was home watching football. Everybody but me. I had to drive all the way up to the ice rink for rehearsal in it. I hate driving in snow, no matter how small the amount so I ended up chickening out and heading back home as soon as the weather people on the radio started talking about black ice after dark. I've had some mighty bad experiences on icy roads and don't wish to repeat them anytime soon.

 It was pretty while it lasted though. It looked like someone had dusted everything with powdered sugar. It made me hungry.

 It's supposed to get cold tonight. Very, very cold so we put heated kitty hut #4 into use. We have a another mysterious little visitor that we needed to make room for in order to make sure the regulars have someplace warm and dry to go at night. Ikea bags make great mini tarps. I will have to remember that for next year.

We've even got the chicken coop heat lamp in its own little tent in use during feeding times now. My deck looks pretty ridiculous but at least I can sleep at night without worrying too much about my furry friends.


  1. It's a bit chilly here too and there was some of that white stuff in the air but not on the ground, THANK GOODNESS!!! I've had my fill of it. LOL. Love that you take such good care of those little outside kitties!!

  2. I have to admit the snow is pretty but I'm with you about driving in it or ice!

  3. Your furry friends are very lucky! You sure do take good care of them.
    I love snow, but not driving in it. And nothing scares me as much as black ice. Very scary.

  4. You are so good to God's creatures!
    I dont drive in bad conditions either

  5. It looks so pretty!
    Looks like I'm in for some major squalls on the way home from work today.. just checking the traffic maps (I head out in an hour) and it's a mess out there.

  6. Your pictures make the snow magical. I will never see the snow here, but I am enjoying the dark dark rainy storm moments we have been getting. Today we three walked out together (which is a rarity in itself) and the morning looked like night. It was fantastic.