Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Magic Kingdom: Day 1

 We left for Disney Sunday morning. Grand #1 didn't move a muscle or make a peep for the 14 hour long haul we made to Jacksonville that day. I had to keep checking to see if he was actually breathing. What kid does that? What a trooper. His new "deeby dee" (DVD player) was a big hit for him and me.

 It tickled me that Son packed Twizzlers for the road trip. We always brought Twizzlers along on road trips when he was a kid. I couldn't believe he remembered.

 I did some knitting and even a bit of spinning on my spindle during the long ride but mostly I just looked out the window or at the Grands who were very entertaining.

 After spending the night in an hotel in Jacksonville, we made the two hour drive to Orlando.

 We have a villa at The Paddocks. It's very spacious. We could have brought the whole family. I wish my rooms were as big at home. Grand #1 was ready for a nap but his daddy was anxious to get to the park. I couldn't believe that this was the same kid that never wanted to go anywhere when I was dragging him around 30 some years ago.

 After getting on a tram, then a monorail, we found ourselves on Main Street. As soon as I saw the castle I wanted to cry. It is an incredible sight.

 The first stop was the tea cups.

 The Fast Pass bands are wonderful. No waiting. You get to cut right in line.

 I don't do rides. I hate them but I did go into the Small World exhibit. I was completely gobsmacked. I loved it. I could have rode around in it all day.

 Of course we had to get a Micky Mouse in a Glass House. We killed the poor thing later that day trying to get it out of the car. I had one once when I was little and I loved it so much that I still remember being traumatized when it popped.

 I did some knitting while I was waiting for everyone to get off the rides. I had a nice long chat with a park employee about the weather. It was cold and no one was liking it but me.

 There are two things that you have to know about Disney. First, it is a sea of strollers. I have never seen so many in one place in my life. It is crazy. It also has fabulous music playing everywhere you go. It's hard not to break into a dance. I did from time to time when no one was looking.

 My terrible photos do not do the place justice. It is jaw droppingly beautiful after the sun goes down.

We ended our day with dinner where Winnie the Pooh and his friends come to call. I knocked poor Tigger over-twice. They do tend to sneak up on you. He had a good sense of humour about it so I'm sure it wasn't his first time getting clobbered by some frazzled grandma.

Look who followed me home. She matched my new Minnie Mouse pjs so I had to have her to snuggle with since I am missing Pup. We are going back to The Magic Kingdom tomorrow then it will be on to other parks for the rest of the week. Whew......


  1. Have a great time.

    Poor Tigger --- he must have a rough time. LOL When Stephen was about 2 we went to character breakfast. Tigger spilled Stephen's milk all over Stephen. He felt HORRIBLE .....until I told him Stephen was two and spilled things on HIMSELF regularly. A fresh shirt from the diaper bag and we were as good as new, with a story to tell on Tigger. ;-)

  2. What happy memories! Enjoy the adventure!

  3. Love that castle! I've never been to the Magic Kingdom but there's a similar castle at Great America where we took our little ones. It looks so pretty and magical all lit up like that!

  4. WEll M O U S E!! Im jealous.
    I love that your son remembered twizzlers! It is so good when that happens in a family!
    How are you getting that sock yarn to pool so well? I LOVE the way you are knitting it up!

    1. It's doing that all on its own. I love it!!!!!

  5. It's a Small World ... best ride ever.

  6. Perfect souvenir. Too bad you can't pack that castle up and bring it home! it would look great in your woods!

  7. I love the line about your son and how you can't believe it's the same kid who didn't want to go anywhere. As a mother who is probably still dragging her kid about, it provides hope :)