Thursday, January 14, 2016

First Fire

 Winter finally arrived. It's been so warm that we hadn't even given a thought to the wood stove since last winter so it needed a good cleaning out before we could use it again.

 All fall it served as a rather large candle holder. The wood pile is covered in spider webs. I should mention the stove is in the man cave and his idea of clean and my idea of clean are two different things.

 My job is to stand in the cold and watch the bucket so I can tell when the brush hits the bottom of the chimney. Good times.

Pup was helping out. She was also modeling her new tee shirt from Pet Smart. All the Martha Stewart outerwear was on sale. She now has four new cold weather outfits that I paid only $1.97 each for. They are all boy clothes though. The girlie outfits go quick. She doesn't care.

The wood stove cleaning turned out to be an ordeal because we ended up having to replace all the pipes. The new pipes sure smell bad but it's nice to be warm. Now if only we had a little snow.....


  1. My husband cleaned out Cindy yesterday! It's nice to have a fire but I'm not wishing for snow !

  2. Nice bargain on the doggie duds!! She looks so cute in her new coat. I'll have to head over to Pet Smart and check that out. Hopefully the same sale is going on here. I like that whole man cave idea to figure how to get the gardener into one. ;-)

  3. I would love to have a wood burning stove in our place (It's Dave's favourite thing about the cottage. In the house I gre up in, the kitchen was an addition, and for whatever reason, they didn't vent the furnace through it. It was heated by a little pot-belly stove, and we'd frequently come out to the cat sleeping right under it. Of course, while I loved the fire, stacking the load of firewood that was delivered every fall... I despised that chore!

    Pup looks fabulous - green is her colour!

  4. Thats a perfect price to pay for a pup sweater!!! SHe looks good in green!

  5. Sounds like a difficult process! But I bet a cozy fire was worth it?