Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Day

 This is not the snow from "it". This is the pregame snow from Wednesday night's Carpocolypse as they call it now. #Snowzilla is still coming down out there so I'm staying in. I had been sweeping it off the deck but I gave up.

This is the snowfall that shut down the roads in the DC metro area during rush hour on Wednesday. Have a giggle neighbors to the north but I'm not making fun. I've done that drive before and it's not pretty when the roads are covered in icy snow and no one thinks to slow down.

 I used that pretty snow to show off my newly spun Jacob that was finished on Thursday before all heck broke loose with Jonas.

I do believe I have enough to finally get this puppy done. It's only been on the needles since April of last year. It's nice simple stockinette with a tiny bit of colorwork. It was the only thing my brain wants to do while the storm is at it's worst. I really can't think straight.

 Here is what my yard looked like at 10 last night. The wind was so fierce that I could barely get the door open for a look. I'm not good at this storm thing anymore. I see why old people move to Arizona. I would say Florida but I've seen hurricanes and they aren't good either.


  1. The snow sure looks pretty from this distance.

    Hope you stay warm and safe through Jonas.

    The yarn looks great. Happy knitting!

  2. Beautiful new skeins of yarn! The storm, not so much. Stay indoors, warm and safe!

  3. The problem with Arizona is rattlesnakes, tarantulas, and scorpions. Otherwise, I'd move there in a heartbeat. That is, if I could dig my car out...

  4. I am all to familiar with that scene! It's still so very fresh in my memory. Ugh! It drove this old gal all the way to the Carolinas and that's where I'm staying. "Jonas" wasn't so fierce here. We just got a bit of rain amd sleet. I can still see the grass so I'm good. :-)

  5. ohhhhhhh It is pretty though. Im' so glad AL went to Baltimore two weeks ago to visit.
    I love a good Chicago snowstorm if I can stay in. Sick I know. I dont like one after st. Patricks day though....and we usually get a doosey

  6. I've been seeing the reports about the snow, fortunately we never get that much in this part of the UK.I hope you keep the power and keep warm x
    ( however we have seen deep snow when motorcycling in Switzerland...came as a shock even though they are brilliant at keeping the roads clear!)

  7. Wow I'm in awe that you can spin, I had a go last year and I was completely terrible! Pretty snow - so long as you're insude a cosy warm house!