Friday, January 22, 2016

Hunkering Down

It's all over the news. We are expecting a Big One this weekend. Snow storm that is.

No, I mean blizzard. That's what they are officially calling it now. We had an inch of snow yesterday and it shut the place down. It took 7 hours to navigate the Beltway. This could be bad.

 I'm ready. I hit the stores early for the necessities. Potato chips and cat treats are the must haves around here.

 I did get bread. You have to get bread. It's required. The shelves in most stores are empty.

 Booze. You must have booze. Especially if I am going to be snowed in with The Mister. He's been on high alert since they started talking about it days ago.

 He's been bringing wood in. The wind could cause power outages. Not good. No power equals no water. Not good at all. We did a week without power once in an ice storm years ago. Not good.

 We've got kindling and the sleds ready just in case this turns out to be fun.

 The last bad storm we had he insisted on shoveling every hour to keep the snow off the deck. It was a long night.

 I've got a new library book for the duration. I still need to charge up the Kindle. Note to self.

 To celebrate the last night of normalcy, we hit the local Mexican place last night. They didn't have a blizzard so I had a hurricane instead. It kicked my arse. I hope the storm doesn't.

 I ate a veggie quesadilla, I think. It was all a blur after the hurricane.

I did remember the fried ice cream. It was good. Happy Snowmaggedon everyone. Stay safe.


  1. I find your storm prep very interesting! lol
    Be sure and stay home so you will have lots of knitting time! Be safe.

  2. Looks like you're prolly going to get that snow you've been wanting and then some. LOL! My son lives in DC and he's not happy but my grandpuppy is thrilled. She loves the white stuff. For the record I prefer the green stuff. We're mostly suppose to get ice and freezing rain down here. Ugh!

  3. Potato chips and cat treats......Perfect. Now be safe. Email me if you get cabin fever and we'll have a nice email chat

  4. Stay safe, warm and dry. Hope the power holds out.

    This is Stephen's first winter up north. He has never seen real snow. LOL Should be interesting.

    That ice cream looks AWESOME!!!!