Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Stuff

 I asked for gift certificates for Christmas and I got tons. I also got tons for my birthday. I've been online shopping like crazy. From Brambleberry I got a new 2 pound wood mold with a silicone liner. I loved it so much that I have another liner on order to finish off that card. Thanks Son and Daughter in Law!

 From #2 Son I got crumpets from The Vermont Country Store. We love crumpets and you can't find them around here. I even tried making my own but they were a real chore.

 From Daughter and Son in Law I got a new Knit Picks sweater kit.

After seeing all those Dale of Norway sweaters at Epcot I got an itch to make another. I bought this one in the autumn colorway since I already have the Lillehammer in black. Now I need to dye my hair red so I'll look this good in it.

That kit didn't use up the whole amount so I threw some Stroll handpainted sock yarn in the order. That's the Renaissance and Koi colorways that were on sale.

 Still on a spending roll I bought some 8/2 weaving cotton from Webs. I hope to be winding some warp in the very near future.

 Then I saw these adorable boots at TJ Max.

They aren't exactly my size but I wanted them big enough to slip on with a thick pair of socks. I hate tight boots. Now I need a little rain to test them out. I am so over this snow thing.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful shopping time!

    YUM! Crumpets! I am lucky to have a couple of British shops in the area. It's fun to browse around in those shops and I always come out with tea and a goodie.

  2. Funky boots! And I love the colours in the yarn you bought, scrummy!

  3. What fun! You are going to have reminders of being loved for the whole year!

  4. Online shopping is so much fun, especially when the mail comes!

    You are going to be very busy with all your new goodies!

  5. Oh I love your choices! SOrt of makes Christmas twice the fun in january!!!
    Love your stroll picks

  6. What fun! Love the sweater patterns and the sock yarn colors.

  7. Yay! I love all your loot! You are making some great purchases! You're going to look great in your sweater. You need no red hair for that to happen, just your great knitting skills. I can't go to Knitpicks and NOT buy sock yarn. It is a serious problem.

  8. You had some fun shopping time! And at some of my favorite spots. That sweater looks like a challenge! And very pretty, too.

  9. Whoa!! That's quite the shopping spree! Gift certificates RULE. So much fun to shop online from the comfort of home too. That should keep you busy for a while.