Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Woolly Wednesday Part 1

Being February, I decided to give Woolly Wednesday a Valentine's Day theme. I had this neglected bag of  pretty pink Cormo locks that I washed last summer in the fiber stash so I decided to spend a sunny morning playing with it.

Working with Cormo is like combing baby hair so only the gentlest of combing will do.

You can spin quite a bit of very fine singles with only the smallest amount of fluff.

It is as soft as it is pretty.

It's going to take a long time to spin enough to be useful but I'm not complaining. I could play with it all day.


  1. Oh wow, like pink fluffy clouds or candyfloss!

    Lovely, I've heard and read about Cormo and this looks beautiful. Sadly it's not a fleece you can get in the UK (not without possible customs charges, etc).

  2. Sometimes I get as much enjoyment from the fibre prep, esp combing as I do from the spinning, nice and relaxing. Never spun Cormo, not even sure if you can get it here in the uk, look really fluffy x x

  3. It looks perfect for a baby girl

  4. It is pretty. Things that take a long time to spin are therapeutic - enjoy!

  5. A perfect colour for such delicate fibre.

  6. That certainly looks like you are spinning cotton candy! Very pretty.